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WMI Wealth Management Programme - Affluent

For individuals seeking to kick-start a successful career in wealth management, the WMI Wealth Management Programme - Affluent (WMA) will equip you with a deeper understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the area of wealth management for affluent clients. There is a high emphasis on applying what has been learned and this is achieved through an extensive use of role plays and case studies.

Benefits to You:

  • Learn from senior practitioners in the wealth management industry from various leading financial institutions. No other training platform offers this best of breed approach.
  • Gain from the close networks formed during the programme as well as the networks you can access through WMI's extensive alumni of wealth management professionals.
  • Be certified under the IBF Standards which represents a set of competency standards developed by the industry, for the industry and is supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Programme Structure

The WMA programme builds on the knowledge acquired in the Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) exams and complements the learning and development initiatives of your organisation. The focus is on practical application of knowledge through role plays, case studies, market analysis and client enactment modules.

The programme spans 6 weeks and the sessions are generally held twice per week in the evenings, guided by senior practitioners from the industry who are experts in their respective fields.


There are three modules, namely: Products & Advisory, Compliance Knowledge, and Soft Skills.

Products and Advisory Module

The focus is on how each investment product functions on its own as well as its role in a portfolio. This will be followed by understanding the factors that influence the product's pricing, risk and how the product may be suited for various clients' needs.

Participants will next be taken through the investment advisory process with the focus on analysing the clients' needs and developing financial solutions for them.

The Applied Financial Markets session concludes this module with a series of case studies and market re-enactments that will enable the participants to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills acquired.

Overview of the Wealth Management Industry
The session provides a comprehensive insight to the trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry. It gives an appreciation of the various client segments of the wealth management continuum and what it takees for a client advisor to successfully move up this continuum.
Fixed Income
This session covers the key determinants of bond pricing, risk, and its role in a portfolio. Various bond investment strategies and interpretation of term sheets will be taught, along with real life case scenarios to draw the practical aspects of bond investing.
Foreign Exchange
This session explores the key drivers of the foreign exchange market and provides a clear understanding on the workings of commonly used derivatives. Case studies and real life scenarios are used to reinforce an understanding of foreign exchange derivatives, their risks and suitability for the various client segments in the market.
This session covers important insurance concepts and types of insurance products. Different client needs are analysed together with various possible solutions. It also equips participants with best practices on approaching clients regarding the topic of insurance and how insurance is a key component in the financial planning process.
Equities & Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
This session covers the fundamentals of equities, common equity strategies and how stock prices are determined. It studies the performance of the equity products in relation to market changes and the needs of clients, through a case study discussion. It also covers REITs and its role in the portfolio.
Unit Trusts and ETFs
Various mutual funds strategies are explored with an appreciation of the risks and benefits of funds in meeting a client's investment objectives. This session also covers the evaluation of a mutual fund, its fee structure and how to interpret term sheets. The features, benefits and risks of ETFs will also be covered, in addition to ETFs selection criteria.
Options & Structured Products
The features, benefits and risks of options are taught. The session aims to instill a clear understanding of structured products, how they work and what they are commonly used for. Benefits, risks and common misconceptions of structured products will be shared, including how to interpret term sheets and fee structures, with a focus on client suitability.
Investment Advisory
The key portfolio management concepts and importance of client needs analysis are covered in detail, taking into account different client profiles. Participants also learn how portfolio construction and asset allocation work in practice through the use of a case study.
Applied Financial Markets
This session's objective seeks to integrate and apply what has been learned. A series of case studies using different priority banking products, will be used to facilitate participants' understanding of portfolio risks based on a given client profile. In addition, participants will be taught how to compare different types of products and how they can be applied in a client portfolio.

Compliance Knowledge

Compliance and Ethics
Case studies will be used to give a deep appreciation of compliance and risks in affluent banking. Various regulations, codes of conduct and compliance guidelines will be taught. Participants will also be given guidance on how to understand and mitigate various risks.

Soft Skills

Networking, Client Acquisition and Onboarding
Knowledge and skills such as uncovering client's needs through effective questioning and probing, articulation of value proposition, networking and referral, etc., will be covered. Case studies and role plays allow participants to practise and be assessed in their understanding and application.
Managing Client Relationships
This session teaches the intricacies of developing, expanding and sustaining a successful relationship with clients. Practical methods such as a regular communication and feedback plan, maintaining a record of client's preferences, periodically adjusting client's profiles, etc., will be shared.
Personality Profiling
This interesting session will help you appreciate different personality profiles. It starts with an understanding of yourself and then your clients. Learning to recognize certain preferences and how they affect client choices and decision making will allow you to adopt a differentiated approach for successful client interactions. Knowing yourself and understanding how others function is fundamental to building strong relationships for effective client management.

Programme Assessment

Participants will be assessed to ensure they achieve the required learning outcomes. Upon successful completion of the programme and passing of assessments and relevant CMFAS modules, participants will be:

  • eligible for the "IBF Qualified" certification status in the area of "Wealth Management - Relationship Management - Priority Banking" under the IBF Standards
  • eligible for CPD hours
  • awarded the "WMI Wealth Management Programme - Affluent (IBF Level 1)" Certificate
  • awarded Statements of Attainment (SOAs)

Who Should Apply

Professionals in the following positions:

  • Relationship Managers and Service Relationship Managers with less than 3 years of experience in priority banking
  • Personal Bankers in retail banking
  • Financial Advisors and Independent Financial Advisors handling affluent clients
  • Product Managers / Specialists and Investment Consultants in consumer banking

Professionals from non-financial industries, mid-career professionals interested in a career switch, as well as fresh graduates who have a keen interest in the wealth management industry are strongly encouraged to attend this programme.

Apply Now

Intake 7 is scheduled to commence in Q1 of 2017.

This programme has been accredited under the IBF Standards and is eligible for funding under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to participants meeting all eligibility criteria and successfully completing CMFAS examinations 1A or 1B, 5, 6, 6A, 8, 8A and 9.

To apply, please send in your completed application form with all relevant supporting documents and an application fee of S$85.00 (non-refundable) by post to:

Wealth Management Institute Pte Ltd
60B Orchard Road
#06-18 Tower 2
The Atrium@Orchard
Singapore 238891

Self-sponsored applicants will be notified and invited for an interview.

Financial institutions that are keen to sponsor candidates for the programme, please contact us.