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The Client Advisor Competency Standards (CACS) is a mandatory common competency assessment for the private banking industry. Under the Private Banking Code of Conduct ("the Code"), all "Covered Persons" are required to pass the CACS before they can provide financial advisory services to high net worth individuals (HNWIs).

WMI is the appointed Lead Provider for CACS training:

  • WMI CACS Preparatory Course: Prepares candidates for the CACS assessment through comprehensive teaching of core concepts in the CACS study guide and a mock test. seats-available



CACS: Your Passport to FICS Certification

Client advisors who pass the CACS assessment can proceed to complete WMI's Certificate in Private Banking (CPB) and/or Advanced Wealth Management Programme (AWMP). Thereafter, with relevant work experience, they will be able to obtain FICS Certification under the "Wealth Management: Relationship Management – High Net Worth" job family.

Successful completion of the CACS assessment will lead to Statements of Attainment (SOAs) for Competency Units 7 and 8 for "Wealth Management: Relationship Management – High Net Worth (Job Role IV)".

CACS Pathway

WMI CACS Preparatory Course

The WMI CACS Preparatory Course [1] is designed to help "Covered Persons" gear up for the CACS assessment.[2]


  • Comprehensive teaching and summary of core concepts in the CACS study guide.
  • Mock test session to help candidates prepare for the assessment.

Course info and available dates

Duration 3.5 days
Course fees S$2,000 (before GST)
Intake 16 To be advised
Class size Max 50 participants (on a first-come-first-served basis)


Please call Wendy at 6828 6927.


[1] While WMI is confident that the course will add value to a candidate’s preparation of the CACS, no guarantees can be given that the candidate will pass the assessment. Candidates are required to put in the requisite additional individual effort to prepare for the exam.
[2] Kindly note that CACS assessment is administered by IBF, not WMI.


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The forum was an excellent opportunity to recap, revise and revisit what we already know as it elevates one's vigilance.

WMI CACS NEC participant