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Responding to the strong demand for training wealth professionals, WMI provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for individuals to upgrade their skills and competencies.

The WMI CPD Series is aimed at raising the competencies in the areas of product knowledge, asset allocation, wealth and tax planning, ethics, compliance and legal issues, and client relationship management skills.


As provided under the Private Banking Code of Conduct, all Covered Persons are expected to achieve a minimum of 15 hours of CPD in each calendar year.


With effect from 1 Jan 2016, appointed representatives of a licensed FA and exempt FA engaged in the provision of FA services needs to undergo at least 30 hours of structured* CPD training on an annual basis. Out of the total number of CPD training hours, FA representatives are required to undergo at least 4 hours of training in Ethics and 8 hours of training in Rules and Regulations.

*Structured CPD training includes lectures, conferences, workshops and courses, which have clear learning objectives and outcomes, and which are clearly documented and independently verified. This shall not include activities that are part of the job scope of an appointed representative, such as carrying out research on products and services for clients. However, product seminars prior to the launch of new products and e-learning courses may be counted towards structured CPD training hours.

The WMI CPD Series is conducted by distinguished industry-based practitioners who bring with them years of experience in the wealth management sphere. We have partnered with top industry players including banks, fund management companies and leading local and global financial institutions and business schools to develop a menu of seminars and workshops that meet the industry's CPD training requirements.

As seats are limited, early registration is highly encouraged.

Upcoming Seminars (2016):

WMI CPD Series

DateTitleCACS CPD hours
30 Jun Panama Papers: Freedom of the Press v. Right to Privacy
Private bankers will gain understanding of the underlying principles of freedom of expression and privacy, and why the Panama Papers are drawing the kind of attention on the use of offshore entities especially since incorporating companies in offshore jurisdictions is nothing new. The seminar will also discuss how FATCA and the coming of GATCA or CRS will impact on financial privacy.
3 hours
21 Jul Behavioural Finance and How We Can Make Better Investment Decisions
Following Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking, fast and slow," there has been a raft of literature in recent years on the subject of errors in decision making. The insights into the predictable patterns of human decisions have led to sweeping changes in our society, from our company-sponsored retirement plans to the format of tax letters from the Singapore government. Some of the most prominent and dangerous errors we make occur in the areas of money, long-term planning and risk taking; yet amazingly, financial institutions to date seem to have largely ignored this field of research. This session will discuss a market practitioner's take on the practical implications of the largely academic results in behavioural science.
3 hours
4 Aug Insights into the China Market for Wealth Management
This is a part of a series of seminars that will provide insights in the area of wealth management into specific markets within Asia, including Greater China, India, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Indochina.
3 hours


DateTitleFA CPD hours
Ongoing FA CPD - Rules & Regulations, Ethics (8+4)
This programme is designed to meet the new MAS requirement of 8 hours of Rules & Regulations and 4 hours of Ethics for Financial Advisory (FA) Representatives who are required to undergo 30 hours of structured CPD training each year. Participants will be provided with a clear understanding of the various rules & regulations and ethical issues along with case studies, some of which are based on actual incidents. Participants will develop an appreciation that rules & regulations and ethical decisions exist not just to safeguard the organisation and client, but also himself or herself. This programme is eligible for 50% FTS funding.
12 hours

Dates are indicative and subject to change. Please contact us for more inquiries.

WMI Distinguished Leaders Series

The WMI Distinguished Leaders Series brings together industry leaders from diverse backgrounds to share their views on major issues and trends shaping markets and investments in the world today and in the future. You will gain access to leaders whose ideas and actions shape market trends and investments. The limited seating of this event allows select attendees meaningful networking opportunities.

Upcoming Seminars (2016):

Please watch this space for upcoming events.

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